Monday, December 15, 2014

Sweet Deal on Best 5 Farting Clips of 2014

I was excited to see what my best selling clips (most number of downloads) were for 2014 and here they are:

1. Anal Leakage

2. Assplosions

3. Office Jeans

4. Assplosions in Jeans

5. My Leather Chair Stinks

Get all 5 of my best clips of 2014 for $14!
Payment methods include: Amazon giftcards, Giftrocket, Chase Quickpay, Cash/MO in the mail. Please email me to place your order

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Now offering my poo logs


If this picture makes you salivate then you should consider buying my poo log so you can enjoy it in person! My poo starts at $45. Click here for more details.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

New Poo

 Have you been checking my toilet video page for poo updates? I just added 30 and 31. I'm also now selling my poo vids on a different website where you can pay by credit card discreetly.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Three new poo clips added! 25, 26, 27
Hi there! I know it's been so long since I've made some new poo clips for you! I've been getting tons of requests to do more! So here they are! New clips are at the bottom: 25, 26, 27. $10 for all three with amazon giftcard.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 Poop Clips

These aren't new poop clips per-say, but they might be new to you! I added a few poop clips that were lost from collection. I'm glad they can be reunited on my page and you will be too! A lot of people like clips with big fat messy turds coming out of my tiny asshole well #22 is for you! Each clip is $5. Please send an amazon e-giftcard to as payment or email me ( if you will be buying more than 4 clips or for other payment options.

22. "Hot Dog" I attempt to shit into a hot dog bun but my turd was extremely large and way too big for the bun! Mmmm bet you'd like to have my treat for your lunch! 2:34 min; 66MB

23. Pooping on the floor with my legs spread. Took a while for it all to come out since I'm in a really unnatural position! 2:34 min; 83MB

24. People ask about this clip a lot. This is my fapoo blooper clip. This contains 6 different scenes where I go to fart and brown comes out. It either goes flying in a trajectory towards the camera or comes out gently. A few times I play with it and show it off to you :D 3:35min; 126 MB

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Favorite Clips

In a recent post on my blog I posted my top 10 selling clips from my fart store on clips4sale. This time I'm going to share with you my personal favorite clips, what's memorable about it and why I enjoyed filming that clip.

Juicy Farts HD- I remember filming this one an incredibly hot and humid summer day which made my fart smell linger for like hours in my room and I was totally digging it! And I look really fucking sexy in those pink lace panties!

Private Office Farts HD- I had stumbled upon walnuts the day before in my quest for finding foods that make me gassy. I decided that tomorrow I was going to film the beautiful product that walnuts does for my digestive system lol. I woke up and immediate began eating walnuts and continued to do so as I film. The result was huge, massive farts in my leather chair that I can still remember (and probably smell in the seat!) to this day.

Fucking my oiled up ass pt 2- I loooooove oiling up my ass for sex, or even just for fun. I enjoy seeing women's oiled asses in pornos as well. What a brilliant idea of me to oil up my ass, fart at the same time and have a blast with my fingers inside my hole. I fart out some oil too and it looks pretty awesome, and tasty!

Bath Tub Farts- I have enjoyed farting in the bathtub since I was little lol! Finally I get to show the world what I can do in a tubfull of water and soap bubbles!

Ride and Fart- Ok, I kind of watch a lot of porn and I like when the woman gets on top of a dick and you can see her tight pussy being turned inside out by a huge cock. Well, this was the first time I discovered that my tight pussy does the same! I imagine being on every fart fans dick and farting away on their balls :)

Extreme Flatulence- I like clips that are vivid and bright! White leggings and a pink top go perfect with the beautiful brown runny mess I create! Too raunchy to sell on clips4sale, this clip is only available through me

Ignoring You 4- I literally just got back from the hair salon in this clip. I had to hold my farts in for a good 2 hours while my roots got "did"! Good farts, a sexy outfit, and awesome blond hair!

Burrito Blowout- I can distincly remember what these panties looks like when I took them off after filming this clip-- there was a huge brown mess inside and I couldn't believe most of it was contained by that tiny thong and didn't go flying out in every direction while filming! My farts in here are massive and sound really amazing.

Raging Rippers- I remember having a great time farting in my whimsy skirt, humping the couch, and having little nuggets shoot off towards the camera

Achy Breaky Farts- I usually don't film at night because I don't like the yellow glow from the lamps but I kind of needed to show everyone the massive farting fit I was having at the time! My stomach hurt so bad after I indulged in chips and bean salsa. Farts were coming out whether I tried to hold them in or not! Probably the biggest and longest farts from me are in this clip.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Sexy Flatulence Sweet Winter Fart Deals

Ok it's not Winter yet but whatever! I'm really diggin' my recent work and I want to make sure you see it! I have a sweet deal for you. Three of my recent and best selling clips for only $12! Here's what you'll get:

1. Gassy Destruction
Description: I get tons of emails to fart more in leggings, fart more on leather chairs, more farting while eating, more wet farts, etc. Well here it is I have combined all those elements into once beautiful masterpiece. I am having a fabulous egg burrito and showing off my professional skills in a very UN-professional way :)

2. Assplosions in Jeans
Description: Huge farts being muffled by my tight jeans!

3. I love to Fart 

 Description: I share with you why I love my farts so much! I tell you how I can just fart so freely when I'm around people and on the internet! Lots of long rolling farts in here. A must have for your SF collection

These clips bought straight from clips4sale would cost you $22.97! Buy directly from Sexy Flatulence instead and save $10.97. All three clips for only $12. 

Payment methods:
  • (USA) e-giftcard to please be sure to include your email address
  • Other online payment methods email me for details