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Due to Clips4sale rules I had to take down most of my amazing toilet videos!! If you're interested in any or all of the following you can send me an email to

Each clip is only $5!! Payment method is Amazon e-giftcard sent to I email you a link to download the clip once payment has been received. Please be sure to email me after sending the giftcard or include your email in the giftcard note.

1. Watch me poop on the floor! Then a close up of me pooping in the toilet and wiping! 60MB; 4 minutes

2. An extreme close-up of me going #2 on the toilet! 50MB; 2 minutes.

3. A clip where I ran out of toilet paper and had to wipe with my panties lol. Also very graphic! 195 MB; 5 minutes.

4. Explosive #2 in sexy black heels. 11MB; 2 minutes.

5. An awesome clip from when I had food poisoning! I continuously fart for 3 minutes! 15MB; 3 minutes.

6. A typical #2 with awesome noises! 32MB; 2 minutes.

7. A close up poop and pee and with my ass getting splashed as my poop plops in the toilet! 3 minutes. 29MB.

8. A lot Pre-poop farts and then two shits! 6 min; 112 MB.

9. Another extreme close up! Yum! 3 minutes; 29 MB.

10. I was trying to fart and accidentally shit myself! Whoopsie! 3 min; 76MB

11. This is a compilation of prairie dogging (or groundhogging!) on three different days. 3 min; 52 MB.

12. With my feet on the toilet bowl I can show you all my goodies as they come out! This has 2 different clips. The second one I attempt to make a "poop Popsicle". I gently stuck the popsicle up my ass and moved it around a bit (hey it felt good) but I was unable to make a popsicle. 2 minutes; 76 MB

13. Two different clips of me standing & pooping! 3:27, 107 MB

14. Did I just come while pooping? This has happened before but it's kind of rare! Yummy white stuff comes out of my pussy while I poo! 4:18; 59MB

15. Watch my little butthole give you kisses filled with smelly air. I fart so much little delicate pieces of poo come out. Finally I fart and a massive turd is waiting to be released. I have poop immediately and grab a clear plastic jar! You get to watch the steamy contents fall inside! Some great noises in this one. But there is about 20 seconds total where I lost sound. 3:22; 65 MB

16. "Extreme Flatulence" My roomates asked me if I wanted to go to the gym with them but I had to decline because my gas was out of control! I decided I would just do some excercise around the house and take the opportunity to film ; ) I know you all like those wet sounding farts, well these literally are wet! My asshole gets nice and lubricated for you from farting and can be perfectly seen through my tight white leggings! 4min; 111MB

17. "Anal Leakage". Certain fat-free foods give me bad ass grease! Watch me make a mess in my pants and on my floor! 4min ; 177 MB

18. "Anal Leakage 2". Super wet nasty farts with juice dripping down my leg! 4 min; 142 MB

19. I was trying to fart so hard I accidentally pooped in my panties! I was too lazy to go to the bathroom. I rub my little nugget through my panties :) 3:23 min; 144 MB

20. "Anal Leakage 3". Too raunchy of a clip to put on c4s. Long bubbly farts with leakage going down my leg. 5:33 min; 282 MB

21. "Dirty Toothbrush" I stick a clean toothbrush up my ass and it comes our REAL dirty, my pussy gets nice as wet because I love sticking things up my ass and watching myself do it! Would you use my toothbrush after I was done with it? 8:28 min; 249 MB

22. "Hot Dog" I attempt to shit into a hot dog bun but my turd was extremely large and way too big for the bun! Mmmm bet you'd like to have my treat for your lunch! 2:34 min; 66MB

23. Pooping on the floor with my legs spread. Took a while for it all to come out since I'm in a really unnatural position! 2:34 min; 83MB

24. People ask about this clip a lot. This is my fapoo blooper clip. This contains 6 different scenes where I go to fart and brown comes out. It either goes flying in a trajectory towards the camera or comes out gently. A few times I play with it and show it off to you :D 3:35min; 126 MB


25. Don't you hate when you need to take a dump and someone is in the restroom? My friend and I are staying at a hotel in Vegas when I come back to the room to take a shit I find the door locked and she's in the room showering! I knock on the door and tell her I need to shit. Then I plead with her! I'm standing outside the door trying to keep my buttcheeks together so I dont shit my panties. But I end up doing taking a big dump in my pretty pink panties 4:07 min; 151 MB

26. Another video of me on pooping and peeing on the toilet. What makes this clip special, is that like clip #14 there is cum coming out of my vagina from pushing my shit out to hard! 1:42 min; 62MB. 

27. I ate a huge burrito the day before and poo out the lovely contents! I fill up an entire plate! Actually the plate runneth over! I Then spit on it. Then point out the lovely corn and beans to you. Then shake my booty as bits of residual poo leave my asshole. 2:47 min; 102 MB.

28. This video is very similar to #27 only I am pooping for you in some sexy animal print heels, and oiling up my butt cheeks. Like #27, I shit on a paper plate and show you the delectable corny contents.  3:22 min; 122 MB

29. Whoops I had an accident while filming a fart video. I'm enjoying fucking my ass with my little dildo and suddenly at the end a little poo plops out of my ass. 2:14 min; 78 MB

30.  I fill up one paper plate with my delicious ass treats. But I still got some more left over so I start on another one. I think you should take the 2nd plate and make it your dinner. Let me first mush it in with my sexy heels! Want to lick it off? 4:04 min; 178 MB

31.  I hate feeling I need to poop when I’m in the middle of doing something on my computer. I’ve gotten pretty good over the years at holding my poop in but not today! I desperately try to squeeze my butt cheeks together but my big ball of turd keeps coming out inch by inch! You can see it grow in size in my panties! Finally it drops. What I do with my big ball turd might not please the cleaning lady. 8:11 min; 360 MB

32. I have several new poo videos which can now be found at my Scatshop store front click here
I will no longer be updating this page. Although I will still offer my poo videos via direct sale for $5 each